Monday, February 8, 2010

Twitter Page Launch

The MoBlogPar just went Twit, thats right we are now on Twitter. I thought what better way to tell everyone what I'm thinking about for the next blog or just whats on my mind with all things MOPAR.

So take a ride and follow along with me at and see what I twit about next.

I just did a Tweet about metal bonding vs welding. I'm thinking of this for my 1970 Coronet R/T project. This is something I have talked about on a lot of the MOPAR forums in length.

Well now its time to stop reading me here and go on over to Twitter and see what I might Twit about next.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Take A Ride On The Wild Side

Taking a looking at this 1967 GTX makes me wonder if the rock group Motley Crue had this car in mind when it wrote the song Wild Side.

The lyrics in the song say take a ride on the wild side. I have to say this car would be taking a ride on the wild side with the Hemi under the hood.

I can hear the song blearing out to the tune of the Hemi revving up under the hood as it rumbles by the entire brand X boys and girls on the open road.

The Hemi winding up just a bit as the ground rumbles underneath feeling the pavement shake as woman and children run for cover screaming earthquake.

We Mopar guys and gals know it’s not an earthquake but a fire breathing dragon on the prowl looking for its next prey.

Bill Landals tells me the 1967 Satellite GTX clone will more then hold it’s on the street. I have to agree with him on that. I’m just setting here looking at it and the GTX makes me not want to take it on.

The Marines of First Recon have a saying don’t ever pet a burning dog and well I know the meaning of that now and this GTX is the burning dog that many of brand X’s drivers have fell victim to.

Bills wife Nadine traded a pristine 1970 GTO Convertible project car for this 1967 Satellite turned 426 Hemi GTX beast of a clone.

Bill is not only lucky to have a car with a Hemi under the hood but a wife that loves cars as much as he does. This is every gear heads dream come true.

The GTX has manual steering and breaks and it makes it a bit of a handful to drive but from what I hear Nadine doesn’t mind it at all and well either does Bill when he can get the keys from his wife.

Bill and Nadine tell me cars are never finished and are meant to be driven. Bill and Nadine enjoy taking the GTX out and driving it when ever the mood hits.

Bill also tells me there are plans for more things to be done to the GTX later on but from where I’m setting I can’t see where it needs anything at all, other then me behind the wheel.

I think Bill and Nadine have captured the heart of what the Classic car and Muscle car hobby is all about. These cars are meant to be driven weather it be a clone or an all original matching numbers car.

The lines of this GTX are classic and the paint on it shows the lines of the car off just perfect. The 1967 GTX is one of my favorite years for the GTX model.

The car just looks mean without anything being done to it. This is one awesome GTX that will put fear in the hearts and minds of the entire brand X’s cars that pull up beside it at the red light.

There is only one suggestion I could make to the other guy pulling up in the lane beside Bill and Nadine, stay a car or two lengths behind and you might stand a chance of not getting bitten.

I would ask for the keys but Nadine and Bill are out doing what we all should be doing with our Classic and Muscle cars, that’s right they are driving it.

Bill heat the tires up and rev the Hemi once for me man.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bee Pro-Street

The name Pro Street is not new to us car guy’s and it is one in the MOPAR world that sends fear into the hearts and minds of every brand X guys and all the rice burner guys as well.

The sound of the big block rumbling to life a block or two away with the ground shaking under their car as the mighty MOPAR pulls up to the red light.

The brand X guy in the next lane is starting to wet his pants a bit with fear as the engine is revved up hitting higher RPM’s. The FURD or CHEBY guys can only dream about doing this and having a car to back up the sound that this mighty MOPAR is making.

The first car in history that we can go back to of being the first Pro Street car is Jimmy Addison’s 1967 GTX. The cars body was painted in silver and modified by Jimmy while he worked in a service bay at a Sunoo.

Jimmy’s Silver bullet, nick named by Terry Cook is one of the best known car’s past or present, until today that is. Jimmy and the Silver Bullet where a nightmare for the other guys on Woodward Avenue.

Martin Woods 1969 Coronet started out in life being a Coronet 500 waiting to break out into the Super Bee it was always meant to be.

Take a look at the body and the paint of this one bad Bee. I’m just plum crazy about this 1969 Coronet. The cars original 318 has been replaced with a 440 big block that will scare anyone no matter what brand of car you drive.

The 440 has been worked over a bit with a 0.30 over bore, forged piston, solid lift Crane cam, Comp cam springs and a Milidon Deep Sump oil pan.

The Victor intake on top of the big block 440 sports an 870 Street Avenger carburetor. To help handle the shifting choirs the 727 auto transmission has been worked over a bit as well.

The 727 now sports a stage three shift kit with a 3500 stall TCS convertor and a B&M MEGA shifter but the fun doesn’t stops there not just yet.

The rear of the car has a narrowed Ford 9” differential setting outback with a set of 4.56 Richmond gears and a Strange Minispool 31 spline axles from Baer.

The Pro Street Bee is turning out some serious horse power and to help keep that power to the pavement in the rear is a set of Mickey Thompson tires 29x15.5 sportsmen radials on 15x12 Centerline auto drags with a set of skinnies up front.

To help keep a watch on the motor of the Bee, Martin has added a set of Autometer gauges with a Monster Tach.

Martin tells me that when he gets together with his friends and their Classic Muscle cars it’s like a rolling car show. I can see it now the Plum Crazy Pro Street Bee out front leading the pack.

I bet Martin has to keep the speed down so as not to lose anyone from the pack, but hey that’s just me saying that I am partial to one brand of car’s.

I can almost feel the power of the motor revving up and the ground shaking under my feet or wait is that an earthquake. NO that’s just one bad 1969 Pro Street Super Bee.

If you see a blur of purple go by don’t be alarmed it’s just Martin out for a cruise in his Pro Street Bee. Hey Martin how about letting me borrow the Bee for the weekend, now where did he put the key’s.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Concept Of The What if Car's

The Mopar world has always had its rarest car’s cloned. We all have that dream car that we would love to add to our garage and our growing collection, just not the money to put those high dollar cars in our garage.

Clone cars have a place in our Mopar world. They are the ones that we can not only drive and enjoy without worring about it being a rare piece of Mopar history.

I think all cars no matter how rare they are should be and are meant to be driven. There are the die hard guys and gals out there that will not look twice at a clone car and then there is us who will.

We are the ones that will enjoy the clone cars just as much if not more then the real deal. I think over the years the clone cars have gotten some good attention and people are starting to enjoy them more and take them for why are. The dream car we all would love to own.

When talking about clone cars or the what if cars you have to take a look at the company that was born out of making a car that was a concept back in 1970.

Dayclona is a company that is not only taking a concept of a car that was never produced and making it, but now offering you the chance to own one as well.

The first car in their stable was a 1971 Dodge Daytona, then came the 1971 Plymouth Super Bird. They didn’t just stop there they decided that Plymouth should have made a 1971 Road Runner convertible.

The group at Dayclona also decided that having the 1971’s covered now it was time to go back a year and look at what could have been and built the most talked about 1970 Daytona car ever.

This car has been in and out of magazines for years with everyone wondering if it was a real car or not. We know now that it was never a real Daytona. They group at Dayclona went ahead and built one to make their collection complete, for now.

If only NASCAR would have not put limitations on Chrysler just think of what might have been, but better yet take a look at what could have been.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Launch Of MoBlogPar Magazine

Welcome to the launch of the all free online MoBlogPar Mopar Magazine. The MoBlogPar Magazine is all Mopar all the time.

The MoBlogPar will cover all subjects from the past to the present. We aim to not just cover the rare car's but to cover the everyday drivers, project car's and those fresh new barn finds.

MoBlogPar will cover all the breaking news on everything Mopar related. If you’re looking for news on that hard to find part that is just now gearing up to go into production, news on racing or on the new car and truck lineup it will be found here at MoBlogPar.